Protect Your Email and Reputation/Email Gateway Security​

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Email was designed to be as open and accessible as possible. It allows people in organizations to communicate with each other and with people in other organizations.

The problem is that email is not secure. This allows attackers to use email as a way to cause problems in attempt to profit.

 Whether through spam campaigns, malware and phishing attacks, sophisticated targeted attacks, or business email compromise (BEC), attackers try to take advantage of the lack of security of email to carry out their actions.

A gateway spam filter is an on-premises software solution for filtering email. Usually installed as a virtual appliance behind the network firewall, an email gateway spam filter eliminates the vast majority of spam emails from the communication flow, ensuring clean emails arrive at their destination.

Anti spam gateway solutions can have a positive impact on network security. Tests have shown anti spam gateway solutions can detect 99.9% of spam and reduce network´s exposure to email-borne threats such as phishing, malware and ransomware.