Update Your Defenses / Patch management​

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A patch is a relatively small fix for a security vulnerability or bug in a software component. It’s like a band-aid for a software version that your organization is using. Software providers are continuously working to fix issues in their product, and then quickly provide users with either a major update to the version or a patch. Patch management is the process of tracking those patches and making sure that our products are secure and updated with the relevant patches in the most efficient way possible, without breaking anything. 

patch management is a critical part of the vulnerability management process that organizations can’t afford to neglect.

Patch Management consists of four consecutive steps:

  • Scanning: Selecting devices/device groups and scanning them for patches.
  • Assessing: Assessing the results of the scan arranged in Missing Patches/Service Packs and Installed Patches/Service Packs. You can order the results, for example, by severity or product name.
  • Deploying: Selecting patches/bulletins/service packs and deploying them to the affected devices.
  • Monitoring: Monitoring the deployment progress and the results.